Which Self Defense Weapons Are Available?

The use of weapons in self defense faces criticism as well as acceptance from various societal circles. A lot of information about the nature and use of certain weapons in self-defense is out there. However, not all this information is correct. From a general point of view, taking action to defense oneself is a matter that is hard to understand even from a legal point of view.

While the use of certain weapons is legally acceptable, not everyone supports the use of weapons. Most of the legally accepted weapons are of a non-lethal nature. Nevertheless, critics argue that with the some level of knowledge and skill, the same weapons can be used to deliver a lethal blow that can even kill.

Though the debate still rages on, option to have a self-defense weapon and how to properly use it will one day save your life. Before you rush to go purchase such a weapon, you need to know the best weapon for you. You need to know how to use the weapon. Also, be aware of the legal implications of its use. Thus, you should find out if it is legal to use such a weapon.

So what are some of the most commonly acceptable non-lethal self-defense weapons that you can use?

Pepper sprays

The use of pepper sprays is common especially among women. The sprays may not be the most effective form of defense, but they do deliver a considerable blow to the assailants. The only downside is that they can only be used effectively when the assailant is close enough for you to spray into his eyes. If he is quick and agile enough, he might evade your attempts. Nevertheless, the use of pepper sprays disorients the assailant by cause a very a burning sensation to the eyes and temporary blindness.

Stun guns

Lil Guy Stun Gun Self Defense WeaponThe use of a stun gun is a better option, especially when dealing with physically aggressive assailants. The gun has pulsed electrical current that can disorient and incapacitate an assailant. The gun is a good way of stopping a charging assailant. Just switching on the gun makes it release a loud crackling sound that can be very intimidating. They are very painful and effective, but only work when you are in a very proximity or direct contact with the assailant. You need to place the stun gun on the assailant’s body for it to take effect.

A Taser is a different version of the stun gun. It works from a distance by firing off barbed dart directly at an approaching assailant to deliver an electrical impulse that incapacitates him. The Taser is a good weapon of choice because it give your some considerable distance from the assailant. Most Tasers have a barbed dart that can go up to fifteen feet. You can opt to use Tasers that look like pistols or those that look like wands.

If you are good with your hand, then batons would be a sensible choice. They come in many designs but often look like sticks. The modern versions are retractable to form a small object that can be held in the palm. When attacked just press a button and the baton extends for you to give the assailant a surprise beating.

Brass Knuckles
This choice of weapon is also good for people who are quick and good with their hand. Worn in the hands when forming a fist, the brass knuckles will act as a shield to protect your fingers from the impacts of punching someone. On the other hand, they are hard enough to ensure you inflict enough pain to cause the assailant to withdraw.

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